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Lake County Estate Litigation

Lake County Estate Litigation Lawyer

Probate Disputes

The last thing most people want to have happen after they die is to have their loved ones fighting over their estate. That is why thoughtful people often go the extra mile in their estate planning by fully funding a revocable living trust. Wills are much easier to contest than revocable living trusts. Probate provides a court forum for litigation.

While we can't prevent every possible dispute, our attorneys can help you to avoid some of the more common "flashpoints" of litigation, including arguments that you were incompetent when your will or trust was signed or that you were under duress or undue influence by another person.

Breach of fiduciary duty claims, allegations of executor or trustee misconduct can lay waste to the best-intentioned estate plans. If you are acting in one of these capacities or you are a beneficiary who has been harmed by fiduciary misfeasance, you need an attorney experienced with these issues.

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